About OLOR

Rooted in tradition and open to the spirit of the 21st century, the administration, faculty, and staff of the Diocese of Laredo Catholic Schools will work in solidarity under the leadership of the Diocesan School Office to form a unified and collegial system of Catholic liberal arts and humanities programs and curricula dedicated to the call for a New Evangelization and the continuous integral Christian education and formation of young people. We will assist our students and all persons associated with our schools to realize and achieve their full human potential in the image and likeness of God by:

Promoting the integral education of the whole person, that is, forming students spiritually, intellectually, morally, socially culturally and physically helping them to develop the fullness of their gifts for loving service to others in the human family.

Advancing the Catholic identify of our schools by our own example and the constant example of the saints and heroic virtues of holy men and women especially those from modern times in the various walks of human life and by fostering appreciation for our common culture and heritage as Catholic educators.

Developing curricula and pedagogical models that adhere to an orderly progression of knowledge and skills and that promote the liberal arts of whom they serve throughout their lives.

Instilling within students a wonder and awe for God’s creation expressed in the various arts and sciences by engaging the mind, senses, and human emotions thereby cultivating an ecological awareness, an appreciation for nature, and all of creation and developing a love for life-long learning for its own sake.

Encouraging the development of school community by working with parents as the primary educators of their children, by recognizing and acknowledging the dignity of each person involved in the educational apostolate, through common service projects, collaborative efforts to achieve system goals, and through constant involvement with students inspired by a preventive method of education requiring teachers to be leaders and companions of youth.

Forming students for active citizenship in the church and in society for the task of social and spiritual reconstruction to build up and renew our diocese, the state of Texas, and the nations which we serve as the International Gateway for Catholic Education and the New Evangelization.
Being good stewards of the temporal property and facilities entrusted to our care and by cooperating with each other to improve the structure, administration, finance, development, curricula, planning and assessment of our schools.

Realizing that education is a divinely mandated mission entrusted to the church by Christ and His ascension (Matt 28:18-20) we will strive for educational excellence and personal sanctity. Confident in His promise of Divine assistance (Matt 28:18-20), we will endeavor to all things todo con amor under the servant leadership of the Bishop of Laredo and the Diocesan School Office.