2017 – 2018 Parent – Student Handbook



Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School

Parent/Student Handbook 2017-2018




Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School admits students of any race, sex, color, national origin or religion.




In 1883, the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word opened Our Lady of Refuge School as a private boarding school.  The school prospered and grew, and it is now an affiliate of Our Lady of Refuge Parish.

Today, OLOR School continues to provide the same high quality education to its students who represent a multi-cultural population, including students from Eagle Pass, Seco Mines, Quemado, El Indio and Piedras Negras, Mexico.

The school affirms that parents are the primary educators and that teachers are partners in the total education process.  A challenging curriculum is offered to students of Pre-K3 through Grade 8.  English is emphasized.

Teachers are challenged to encourage students to succeed at the level of their ability.  The use of varied teaching-learning techniques assures an excellent success rate and a healthy and positive environment.

The curriculum offered is approved by the Diocesan Department of Education, the Texas Catholic Conference (TCCED) and the Education Agency of the State of Texas.  It integrates religious, intellectual, cultural and physical activities.  We boast of a strong Early Childhood program.  Children in grades K-3 through eight are taught the following subjects:  religion, English, language arts, science, social studies and math.  This curriculum is enhanced with courses in physical education, art, music, computer education and guidance.

A professional faculty and staff ensure quality education.  All who are associated with OLOR School are expected to perform the assigned duties as professional people.  In addition, they are responsible for those duties implied through the provisions of the Parent-Student Handbook.

As of July 2000, the Catholic Parishes of Eagle Pass became part of the newly-formed Diocese of Laredo.

The Department of Education for the Laredo Diocese is presently under the direction of Superintendent, Mr. Fred Valle. All policies and procedures emanate from the Laredo Department of Catholic Education.










Vision: International Gateway for Catholic Education and the New Evangelization


Mission: Rooted in tradition and open to the spirit of the 21st century, the administration, faculty, and staff of the Diocese of Laredo Catholic Schools will work in solidarity under the leadership of the Diocesan School Office to form a unified and collegial system of Catholic liberal arts and humanities programs and curricula dedicated to the call for a New Evangelization and the continuous integral Christian education and formation of young people.  We will assist our students and all persons associated with our schools to realize and achieve their full human potential in the image and likeness of God by:


  • Promoting the integral education of the whole person that is, forming students spiritually, intellectually, morally, socially culturally and physically helping them to develop the fullness of their gifts for loving service to others in the human family.
  • Advancing the Catholic identify of our schools by our own example and the constant example of the saints and heroic virtues of holy men and women especially those from modern times in the various walks of human life and by fostering appreciation for our common culture and heritage as Catholic educators.
  • Developing curricula and pedagogical models that adhere to an orderly progression of knowledge and skills and that promote the liberal arts of whom they serve throughout their lives.
  • Instilling within students a wonder and awe for God’s creation expressed in the various arts and sciences by engaging the mind, senses, and human emotions thereby cultivating an ecological awareness, an appreciation for nature, and all of creation and developing a love for life-long learning for its own sake.
  • Encouraging the development of school community by working with parents as the primary educators of their children, by recognizing and acknowledging the dignity of each person involved in the educational apostolate, through common service projects, collaborative efforts to achieve system goals, and through constant involvement with students inspired by a preventive method of education requiring teachers to be leaders and companions of youth.
  • Forming students for active citizenship in the church and in society for the task of social and spiritual reconstruction to build up and renew our diocese, the state of Texas, and the nations which we serve as the International Gateway for Catholic Education and the New Evangelization.
  • Being good stewards of the temporal property and facilities entrusted to our care and by cooperating with each other to improve the structure, administration, finance, development, curricula, planning and assessment of our schools.


Realizing that education is a divinely mandated mission entrusted to the church by Christ and His ascension (Matt 28:18-20) we will strive for educational excellence and personal sanctity.  Confident in His promise of Divine assistance (Matt 28:18-20), we will endeavor to all things todo con amor under the servant leadership of the Bishop of Laredo and the Diocesan School Office.




Mission Statement of Our Lady of Refuge School


School Mission Statement


The mission of Our Lady of Refuge School is to instill in our students strong Catholic values, academic excellence, and personal responsibility within an active school community that extends to active parish life and to the community at large.


School Philosophy


Following the call of Jesus Christ as our model and inspiration for Catholic education and in partnership with parents, we minister to our students in a spiritual, nurturing, respectful, protective, social, and academic atmosphere.  Our Lady of Refuge School ensures quality academic learning for all of its students within a framework of Catholic Christian doctrine and values to be active, moral, intelligent members of the Catholic Church and society.  We commit to teaching a sense of responsibility and service to our community by recognizing and fostering the God-given gifts of our students.


School Goals and Objectives


  1. By providing our students with strong Catholic values our students will be instilled with a love of God, knowledge of his words and works, and a desire to live according to Catholic Christian ideals and principles.
    • We prepare our students to understand and participate in the teachings, traditions, values, celebrations and sacraments of the Catholic Church.
    • We enable our students to integrate their faith into their daily lives.
    • We foster active faith-filled Catholics that pray every day and demonstrate a spirit of service to others.


  1. By providing Academic Excellence to our students we equip each student with the basic cognitive skills to live productive, successful and personally rewarding lives in our society.
    • We stress mastery of basic academic skills in all curriculum areas to allow our students to reach their God-given abilities and perform at their highest level.
    • We develop ongoing academic, physical, social, aesthetic, psychological and spiritual skills for life-long learning.
    • We strive to develop in our students the ability to speak, listen, write, and read well in English.
    • We instill in our students a love of learning and a willingness to risk and persevere when challenged.
    • We teach and use critical thinking in classroom learning and real life situations.


  1. By instilling a sense of community in our Student Body to use their gifts and talents in service of the Catholic Parish and local community.
    • We encourage the students to develop realistic goals.
    • We assist with the wise use of time.
    • We demonstrate a spirit of volunteerism by encouragement and example.
    • We recognize, appreciate and encourage the use of students’ talents for the good of others.
    • We encourage self-reliance and preparedness for the present and future.





  1. SUPERINTENDENT (Mr. Fred Valle)

        The Superintendent of Catholic Schools, appointed by the Bishop, is the chief executive officer of the Catholic Schools Office.  The Superintendent represents the Bishop in preserving and promoting the teaching of Catholic doctrine in regards to faith, morals, and liturgical policies.



  1. PASTOR (Father James Fee O.M.I.)

The Pastor is the person ultimately responsible for the successful operation of the school according to the stipulations of the Diocesan Office of Education and the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department. The Pastor is in a unique position to promote the parochial school and to influence the positive image of the school. Working with the Principal, he supports the school community of faith and helps implement the policies set forth by the local School Board and the accrediting agencies for the school.



  1. PRINCIPAL (Mrs. Katrina Harper)

The Principal is the chief executive officer of the School Board as well as the chief administrator of the school. Implementation of policies, supervision of instruction, curriculum development, the professional development of the staff through in-service programs, evaluation and hiring of staff members and the integration of the Catholic philosophy of education in the total operation of the school are among the most important duties of the Principal.




            Our Lady of Refuge School has a school board which serves as the advisory – making body of the

school.  The school board consist of the Pastor, Principal, and elected/appointed members.







Our Lady of Refuge School sponsors TWO fundraising events throughout the school year.  It is mandatory for all OLOR families participate in these events.


The events are:

  1. OLOR School Spirit Walk. ($50 per student)    2. Catholic Life Insurance Raffle. ($100 per student)




Our Lady of Refuge School sponsors 4 yearly fundraising events and all families are strongly encouraged to participate.  These events help to build relationships with the community at large and to help support our school financially.

  1.   OLOR Race for Grace
  2. Schoolwide Bingo
  3. OLOR Royal Court Contest ( King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess )


Admission Requirements:


Age–A child must be three years of age and potty trained on or before September 1st of the school year in which he/she enters the Pre-Kinder 3 program.

A child must be four years of age on or before September 1st of the school year in which he/she enters the Pre-Kinder 4 program.
A child must be five years of age on or before September 1st of the school year in which he/she enters the Kindergarten.
A child must be six years of age on or before September 1st of the school year in which he/she enters the first grade.


All new students are expected to submit their report cards for evaluation and/or take an admissions test.  For children who do not exhibit proper readiness, an interview with the parents is required in order to determine procedures to be followed.


All students entering OLOR for the first time must present the following documents: Birth and Baptismal certificates, academic records (where applicable) including test scores and most recent report cards and immunization records showing that the following immunizations have been received:


  1. DPT with a minimum of 4 doses with at least 1 of these doses having been received on or after the 4th birthday and within the past 10 years
  2. Oral Polio, 3 doses with at least 1 of these doses having been received on or after the 4th birthday
  3. Rubella, 1 dose of vaccine required for all students 18 months and older
  4. Rubella, 1 dose of vaccine required up to the 12th birthday. Another dose may be required by the Public Health Department when the child reaches his/her 12th birthday.
  5. Two doses of MMR vaccine with 1st dose on or after the 1st birthday. For the 2009-2010 school year, 7th – 12th grade students are required to have two doses of a measles-containing vaccine, and one dose of mumps and rubella vaccine. All of the above immunizations, in order to be valid, must have a physician’s or clinic’s verification. According to State Law, all immunization requirements must be met before a child can be admitted to school.
  6. Two doses of varicella received on or after the 1st birthday. Children in Kinder and 7th grade are required two varicella vaccine
  7. 1 dose of meningococcal is required for students in 7th grade since 2009-2010
  8. Since 2001 Hepatitis A & B doses are required for all students. A1, A2, B1, B2 and B3.
  9. TB Test

All students must officially register or if pre-registered, re-register for each school year by paying the pre-registration (non-refundable) and registration materials fees and completing all required registration papers by the designated deadlines in order to be accepted for the next school year.  In addition to be considered for re-registration all tuition payments must be up-to-date.  Pre-registration takes place during the month of February and registration during the months of March through July.  All registrations will be going on throughout the year. 









Registration Fee :


The registration fee at Our Lady of Refuge School is $355.00.  Parents may reserve a spot on the respective grade level roster by making a down payment of $150.00.  The full registration fee must be paid prior to the last day of classes.  Failure to pay the full registration fee on time will cause the child to lose the spot on the grade level roster.  The child’s name will then be put on the waiting list. Parents will be reminded via school webpage/email throughout February-May registration for upcoming school year.

Parents will be reminded one time in writing, by phone as well as through the school’s web-page.  Registration fee is  non-refundable.


Parent request for classroom Teacher will be honored until JUNE 30TH of new school year.

Registration :                                    Families will need the following when registering:

  • Birth Certificate
  •   Social Security
  •     First Communion Certificate
  •   Immunization Card
  • Confirmation Certificate


Registration for 2017-2018 will begin February 19 – 23, 2018.

8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon and 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.


New Families to OLOR School February 26, 2018



Tuition is a yearly amount usually divided into 10 payments with the first payment due on or before

August 1 and the final payment due on or before May 1 of each school year. August tuition must be paid prior to the first day of classes.  Parents may also choose to make payments by semester or in one payment. Tuition payments must be received no later than the 10th of each month.  Students will not be admitted to class if tuition payment is one month past due. A late fee of $20 will be charged, if payment is not received by the 10th of the month. A fee of $20 will be charged for checks returned for insufficient funds.



Tuition assistance is available to families that have enrolled their child / children at Our Lady of Refuge School.

All families that receive tuition assistance will be required to volunteer 50 hours to the school.  In case the family is not able to assist the school with 50 hours of volunteer help an additional cost of $500.00 will be added to the yearly tuition.  Students of families receiving tuition assistance must maintain a 75% passing grade in all core subjects and not have any disciplinary referrals, in order to continue receiving tuition assistance throughout the school year.


The Purpose of the Financial Assistance Fund is to provide financial assistance to the families of students enrolled in Our Lady of Refuge School. The amount of this assistance is contingent on annual availability monies in the fund upon the following guidelines:


Applicants must be participating, registered parishioners of their respective parishes and using their assigned numbered envelopes regularly. (Such information can be verified by contacting pastors.)

Families applying must be willing to contribute time to school/church according to their time and talents. i.e. plumber, electrician, room mother, etc.

Required Documentation:


  1. Filed Internal Revenue Service tax returns for the previous year.
  2. If applicable, supply Welfare and / or Food Stamp I.D. numbers.
  3. Reason for applying for tuition assistance.
  4. Application form can be obtained from office.




Academic Performance:


Students are expected to maintain their academic performance at least at a passing level of 70%.  Students that do not improve their academic performance will be required to attend summer school at Our Lady of Refuge School, another approved school or program or be retained.  A student may be dismissed or not be permitted to re-enroll in Our Lady of Refuge School for continued academic failure.


Presidential Awards:


A student must enroll at Our Lady of Refuge School for a minimum of three consecutive academic years to qualify for this award. Criteria for award are as follows:

  • A student must have a G.P.A. of 90+ on a 100pt. scale at that respective award level. (middle school 6th-8th)
  • A student must score in the 85% percentile in reading or math on their ITBS outcome assessment.

Revised 5/20/2015

Academic Probation:


Students earning below passing grades may be placed on Academic Probation in order for parents and teachers to meet on a more regular basis to assist the student with their academic needs.


Academic Tutoring:


Parents are encouraged to speak with teachers regarding tutoring.  Outside tutors are asked to speak with the child’s teacher regarding the student’s academic needs.  Parent conferences are MANDATORY for any child that receives a progress report.  During the parent conference the parent must sign the progress report document and initiate any questions or concerns with the child’s teacher during that time.  In addition during the 4th week of each 9 week period a formal notice is issued to parents (progress report) documenting students’ academic standings.


School Day Hours

Start Time:  8:00 am                           Dismissal: 3:00 pm                 Half Day Dismissal: 12:00 pm

Gates Close at 8:00 a.m.                          Gates Re open at 3:00 p.m.



No parents or students are allowed to linger (visit) in the hallway or front lobby from

8 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Halls must be cleared by 3:15 p.m.



Arrival and Dismissal:


In the morning students are to be dropped off on Washington Street and Commercial street from there they walk to the pavilion area (assigned classrooms during cold or rainy weather) to wait for teachers.  Teachers and staff are on supervisory duty by 7:30 a.m. in the pavilion area.  Children may not enter their classrooms until their teacher escorts them from the pavilion or morning classroom between 7:45 – 7:55 am.  Pre-K students are escorted to their classes by their parents using the Commercial Street entrance.  Older students may bring their younger brothers or sisters to their pre-K classroom by using the Washington Street entrance.

 Early Check out:


OLOR School strongly discourages parents from pulling out their children EARLY from class.  The early departure from class for students inevitably results in significant gaps in learning, missing critical information concerning homework, incomplete assignments etc.  The attendance of all students is paramount for successful learning to take place.


After a child reaches 5 or greater instances of being pulled out early from class a formal meeting with the administrator, parents and teacher will be required.


Revised 8/8/2016


The dismissal bell rings at 3:00 p.m. and there are teachers assigned on supervisory duty at the front and back of the building until 3:15 p.m. Parents should make every effort to pick up their children by 3:15 p.m.   Students are picked up on Commercial Street (carpools) and Washington Street (individual students or families).  Parents line up in one single file lane on Washington Street to pick up their children.  Washington Street students wait under the covered area in front of the school by the office/computer lab area and are escorted to cars as the car approaches the gate area.  Commercial Street students wait under the Pavilion area in carpools and then approach the dismissal gate (by  Kinder) as their car approaches the gate.  Students are permitted to walk across the street to enter cars, escorted by parents.  Pre-K parents may temporarily park in the Vargas area parking area across the street and personally escort their children or carpool across the street.  Pre-K families use the Pre-K gate closest the Pre-K buildings.  Any student not picked up by 3:15 will be sent to the front office and charged $5.00 an hour.




Regular attendance at school is essential for success. Every absence is a definite loss to the student. It is the absent student’s or parent’s responsibility to obtain and complete classroom work and homework assignments missed. The student must also bring a written note from his/her parent or guardian, explaining the reason for the absence upon returning to school. Doctor and dentist appointments should be made, when possible, after school.  In accordance with the Texas Education Code students missing 20 or more school days will not be promoted to the next grade.  Three tardies will constitute one day absent.  Students departing early for holidays, sport event, concerts or vacations will receive an incomplete for each missing assignment or test. Prior arrangements may not be made. Attendance at Mass is mandatory



It is also very important that students develop the habit of being on time for school and each class. Students are considered tardy after 8:05. Jr. High teachers will not except tardy students without a written verification from their homeroom teacher. Students who arrive late interrupt the class and sometimes cause inconveniences. Any student with more than two tardies will not qualify for perfect attendance recognition.


Students are not permitted to leave the school campus for any reason without the permission of the principal. A written note must be given to the teacher or office in the morning, if a student is to be released before dismissal time. If a parent requests permission to leave campus, the parent of the student must sign out the student on the sign in and out form provided in the secretary’s office.

In case of a student becoming ill or another emergency necessitates his/her leaving for early dismissal, the parent will be called. In such cases the student must also be signed out.

Students are not released from school without written parental permission and only to a parent or person listed on emergency information card. Parents must report to the office and sign out on the sign in and out form before the child is released.  If parents prefer to have their children walk home from school a written note must be kept on file with the emergency card information.


Early dismissals are listed on the yearly and monthly calendar. It is very important that parents pick up their children on time every day.


See below for the daily attendance procedure of Our Lady of Refuge School:


Attendance records:


Absences are marked daily in the Teacher’s Daily Register and recorded in  Engrade no later than

10:00 a.m.  Teachers take attendance at church by 8:00 and record it in Engrade upon their return from church.  This information is transferred to the permanent records at the end of the school year.

All students kinder – 8th grade are expected to REPORT DIRECTLY TO OLOR SCHOOL CAMPUS following school mass on Fridays










Daily Student Attendance Policy:


  1. After an absence, students arrive at school with their written absence excuse and are admitted to class; if not then students are sent back to the office to call for their written attendance excuse.  Students are not admitted to class until a written excuse is obtained and filed in the office.
  2. Tardy students report to their homeroom and are given a tardy. Jr. High students present their tardy slip to their next class.
  3. Absence and Tardy Codes:
  • A morning tardy is marked for students arriving between 8:05 am to 10:00 am.
  • An absence is given for students arriving after 10:00 am.
  • Principal’s discretion is used as to time for tardiness when there are long lines in Piedras Negras.

4  Any student(s) walking back to OLOR school campus following mass without prior parental consent will be immediately suspended or expelled depending on number of prior disciplinary referrals.


  1. Extended Absence: Any absences due to family trips (vacations), concerts or Holidays will be counted as unexcused absences. In addition, no make-up work is allowed and the student will receive an incomplete for all missing assignments/test.

                                                                                                                                    Revised 8/3/2015

Textbooks are purchased by the school and loaned to the students.  These books should be treated as borrowed property.  Reusable books, as well as workbooks, are issued to the students at the beginning of the year. All books issued to the students must be covered. Students are not allowed to write in textbooks or to deface them in any way. At the beginning of each school year a textbook agreement is sent home stating the book number and condition of each book issued to each student.  Lost or damaged books must be paid for by the student. The cost for lost or damaged books will be the catalog price, since those books will need to be replaced.

Students are expected to take pride in their school. This pride is shown in the care the students take of the school buildings. They respect school property by taking good care of their desks and the bathroom facilities, and by being conscious of a litter free environment. Any act of vandalism by a student will result in the student being suspended from school and parents will be charged for any repair cost.

First Communion:

Student must be enrolled for two consecutive academic school years to qualify for First Communion in 2nd grade.

Change of Address and / or Telephone Number:

Parents are required to report a change of address and/or telephone number to the school office as soon as the change is known.


Emergency Cards:

All students must have an emergency card.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to keep the data on emergency cards up to date.


Class Parties:

Students are permitted to have parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and End of the Year.   Birthday parties are only permitted for students Pre-K3, Pre-K-4 and Kinder. Parties must be cleared with your child’s teacher 3 days before and may be celebrated at 2:30 p.m. clean up will be parents responsibility. Teachers will notify the office.  In any case invitations are strictly prohibited from being passed out on school grounds. No electronic devices are permitted during class parties.




All aspects of school communication are very important. Parents are kept informed of school happenings and events through regular school bulletins and/or through the school web page www.olorschooleo.org.  Parents are responsible for checking the school website.  Lost report cards will cost $5.00 to replace.


 It is mandatory that parents attend the “open session” PTO meetings.  Another form of communication is the conference scheduled by the parent and teacher as the need arises.  The principal is also available for conferences with the parents and teachers, after the initial conference with the teacher.



Parent Communication Protocol:


All OLOR School News/Information will be communicated to OLOR families via email.  It is IMPERATIVE that parents keep constant track of emails as there will be little to no paper notes sent home from the school.  Parent concerns and questions may also be communicated via school email.                                                                 Revised 8/8/2016


Conferences or meetings with the teacher or principal are scheduled by appointment.  Parents need to call or come to the office to request the teacher conference during the teachers’ conference period or after school.  After receiving the request for conference each teacher will set up his or her own conference, as teachers also have other meetings, conferences or tutoring sessions previously scheduled.

                                                                                                                              Updated July 29, 2015


Parents and students are our most important means of public relations as they spread the good news about our school. The administration and the faculty encourage students and parents to continually seek to build the community of Our Lady of Refuge School by promoting comments of truth.

Refer to Reporting to Parents for further information.  (pg. 19)




All employees, volunteers, and students will abide by the Federal Copyright Laws. Employees, volunteers and students may copy print or non-print materials allowed by:

  1. Copyright Law,
  2. Fair use guidelines,
  3. specific licenses or contractual agreements, and
  4. other types of permissions


Employees, volunteers and students who willfully disregard law are in violation of Diocesan policy, doing so at their own risk and assuming all liability.





Effective discipline has been the hallmark of Catholic education since its foundation.  The seeds of good discipline are sown in the home by word and example, and are continued in school.  A Catholic school has the unique opportunity and distinct advantage of explicitly incorporating a religious dimension into its discipline plan.  The primary goal of discipline is to form in the student habits which will help him/her grow into the person that God is calling him/her to be.  Through constant care, attention and loving correction, it is hoped that students will eventually arrive at self-discipline–the true discipline. The goal of discipline is not punishment, but rather the development of an attitude which reflects courtesy, respect for others, cooperation, and reverence for the dignity of each person.

In summary, then, the purpose of discipline is to create the proper environment for learning both inside and outside the classroom.  The teacher is a key person in creating such an environment.  Well-prepared and interesting classes, the understanding and carrying out of posted classroom rules, as well as positive approaches to discipline should keep disciplinary problems to a minimum.  

Since each child is unique and each situation is different, it is difficult to be specific regarding disciplinary measures to be taken.  The age of the child as well as the offense must be taken into consideration.  Whatever measures are to be taken must be remedial rather than punitive.


Vandalism of school property:

Any student caught destroying school bathrooms ( examples: throwing wet paper on ceilings, graffiti on walls or bathroom stalls) will receive a Level III Saturday detention 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.



All Our Lady of Refuge School parents, teachers and students are responsible for adhering to :



  • Live Our Catholic Faith
  • Pursue Academic Excellence
  • Exercise Personal Responsibility

Our Lady of Refuge School reserves the right to prohibit any student to register if he or she has a history of disciplinary problems.

Academic deficiencies and minor classroom infractions will be discussed with the teacher on a personal level.  Teachers ordinarily solve their own classroom problems, referring only exceptional cases to the principal who will support the teachers in disciplinary procedures, if they are within the guidelines set forth below.

Detention may be assigned for misconduct and rule infractions after attempts to correct the behavior on a personal level (holding individual student conferences) have been unsuccessful.  Detentions will also be used for inappropriate language, missing a personal detention and fighting.  Detentions may be given during the school day, lunch period, or after school.  Serious infractions of the rules may merit of campus suspension and/or expulsion.



After School Detention:

When a student is referred to after school detention, parents will be notified the day prior to the detention day.

It is the responsibility of parents to adjust carpool travel arrangements that may impact afterschool detention of student(s). Failure to be present for afterschool detention will result in automatic in-school suspension the following day.

In-school suspension may be assigned by the principal for serious infractions such as disrespect, continued refusal to follow instructions and directions, missing classes, inappropriate language. A student assigned to in-school suspension will report with his/her books and materials prepared to work for the entire day.

Out of School Detention:

Out-of-school suspension is a very serious disciplinary measure which can be imposed on a student by the administrator.  Actions such as, excessive misbehavior or endangering the safety of another student or staff member and staff member will merit out of school suspension.  Please refer to OLOR School Discipline Levels I, II and III for specific examples of behavior infractions and consequences.

All level I, II, III discipline documents require parent’s signature.  In the case where the level form remains unsigned by parent(s) the child’s report card will be held by homeroom teacher until the required parent signature has been obtained.

Revised 8/25/2016

Requesting a student to transfer to another school is a disciplinary measure rarely invoked and used only after all other measures of discipline have failed.  Regular conferences with parents and the student will be conducted and documented prior to requesting the student’s removal from the school.

Cooperation with parents and teachers, good communication and mutual understanding will go a long way in promoting and safeguarding a disciplined environment without which there can be no learning.  Christian discipline will also ensure a happy learning environment.



A student may be expelled from school when other means of discipline have failed.  A student may be immediately expelled from school for certain very serious reasons and/or after a single violation if, despite his or her previous disciplinary history, the student’s continued presence in the school would seriously hamper the school in fulfilling its obligation to other students.  Parents are expected to support and comply with all policies of the school in which the child(ren) is(are) enrolled.  Parental cooperation is essential for the welfare of the student(s).  Under normal circumstances, a student should not be deprived of a Catholic education on grounds relating to the attitude of the parents.  Nevertheless, a situation may arise in which the uncooperative or destructive attitude of the parent(s) so diminishes the effectiveness of the school that the family may be asked to withdraw from the school.  The Catholic Church and this Catholic school recognize parents as the primary educators of their children.  The education of students at our school is a partnership between parents and the school.  If, in the opinion of the administration, the partnership is irretrievably broken, the school reserves the right to require the parent to withdraw his or her child.  The transfer of a student from one Catholic School to another within the diocese can be affected only after the Principals of the schools involved in the transfer have agreed to the transfer.  A student who is required to withdraw from a school under extenuating circumstances






must be reviewed for possible acceptance before being considered at any other Catholic School.  The student will be required to present the release form and/or a letter of reference along with transcripts and other applicable paperwork from the dismissing school so as to be considered for enrollment elsewhere.


Expulsion is a serious matter and should be invoked only as a last resort.  Normally it will follow a single grave offense or a series of offenses indicating a basically hostile attitude.  When such a serious case arises the following procedures are followed:


  1. There must be a documented conference of the Principal, teacher and student. If the problem cannot be resolved in this conference the student is suspended.
  2. This is followed by a documented conference of the Principal, teacher and parents. If no solution is reached, another conference is held with the Pastor present.
  3. The Principal and Pastor then decide either to readmit or expel the student. If readmitted, the student is on probation for a period of time.  If the decision is for expulsion, the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools is notified of the fact and given a brief explanation of the reasons in writing.




A student may be subjected to immediate expulsion when he/she:


  1. Participates in disruptive activities by a group such as a gang
  2. Possesses, uses, or delivers narcotics, dangerous drugs or alcohol on school campus or school sponsored activities.
  3. Smokes or uses any tobacco product on school property or at a school-related activity.
  4. Possesses, uses or conceals a weapon ( a weapon is any instrument which may produce bodily harm or death ) on school property or at school-related activity.
  5. Threats of bodily injury or harm to a student/school personnel.
  6. Assaults a student, parent or any school personnel.
  7. Vandalizes school property or the property of others.
  8. Engages in chronic or repeated behavior which disrupts the learning environment.


Harassment-Free Environment for Students

Our Lady of Refuge School does not condone harassment of any kind. All students of Our Lady of Refuge School are to be treated with dignity and respect. Harassment in any form is prohibited. This prohibition against acts of harassment applies to all people engaged in all school related activities: regular or temporary, part-time or full-time employees and to volunteers.


  1. Conduct him or herself in a manner which contributes to a positive school environment.
  2. Avoid any activity that may be considered discriminatory, intimidating, or harassing.
  3. Consider immediately informing anyone harassing him or her that the behavior is offensive and unwelcome.
  4. Report all incidents of discrimination or harassment to the principal. If he / she is not available, report incidents to another school personnel.


Sexual harassment


Must be defined as unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, when:

  • Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonable interference with the student’s school work, creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive school environment.

Verbal harassment


Includes derogatory remarks, jokes, or slurs, and can include belligerent or threatening words spoken to other students.


Physical harassment


Includes unwarranted physical touching, contact, assault, deliberate impending or blocking movements, or any intimidating interference during school hours.







OLOR School guidance counselor is to provide support / counseling for all students focused on learning, personal / social needs of all students.


Step 1.  Make appointment immediately with school counselor to discuss situations.

Step 2.  Guidance Counselor will monitor and assess

Step 3.  Appropriate intervention will be implemented.

Step 4.  Parent conference.


At no time is direct confrontation permissible between a parent or any student of O.L.O.R. School.

Failure to follow this may result in being restricted to be on campus during school hours.


It is the responsibility of the school to:


  1. Implement this policy through regular meetings with all administrators, including the Pastor, ensuring that they understand the policy and its importance.
  2. Make all staff members, students and parents aware of this policy and the commitment of the school

toward its strict enforcement.

  1. Remain watchful for conditions that create or may lead to a hostile or offensive environment.
  2. Establish practices designed to create an environment free from discrimination, intimidation, or harassment.


 It is the responsibility of the student to:


  1. Conduct him or herself in a manner which contributes to a positive school environment.
  2. Avoid any activity that may be considered discriminatory, intimidating or harassing.
  3. Consider immediately infirming anyone harassing him or her that the behavior is offensive and unwelcome.
  4. Report all incidents of discrimination or harassment to the principal. If he/she is not available, report incidents to another personnel.
  5. Complaint Filing and Investigation Procedures
    The following procedures must be followed for filing and investigating a harassment claim:


  1. The student may first choose to tell the individual causing the harassment that the conduct is offensive and must stop. If the objectionable behavior does not cease immediately, the person must report the harassment to the Principal. In case of sexual harassment allegations, the student is free to raise the issue with another administrator or teacher if he/she prefers to do so.
  2. If the complaint is against the Principal, the person must report the incident to the Pastor or the Superintendent of the Schools.
  3. As soon as the verbal report has been given, the school personnel must report the incident to the Parent and the Superintendent.
  4. The student alleging harassment will be asked to complete a formal, written complaint. The claim will be investigated thoroughly, involving only the necessary parties. Confidentiality will be maintained as much as possible.
  5. The investigation will include a meeting with the person alleged to have harassed, sharing with that person the nature of the allegations, as well as, the name of the person bringing the allegation. If appropriate, the alleged harasser will be placed in In-House Suspension during the course of the investigation.
  6. Once the facts of the case have been gathered, The Principal, in consultation with the Pastor and Superintendent, will decide what, if any, disciplinary action is warranted. The disciplinary action will relate to the nature, context, and seriousness of the harassment and can include all disciplinary actions up to and including immediate expulsion.
  7. If the complaint is against a non-employee such as a parent, parishioners, volunteer or vendor, the school will take steps, within its power, to investigate and eliminate the problem.










Dress Code:
The prescribed uniform for OLOR is as follows:
A. Girls:

  1. Pre –K 3 through 3rd grade navy and light blue plaid jumper with light blue blouse.
  2.  4th grade through 6th grade plaid skirts and a white short sleeve and plaid tie.
  3.  7th through 8th grade navy skirt with white middy blouse and navy tie is worn by girls in junior high.
  4. Students grades K-3 through 3rd grade may wear navy blue walking shorts with uniform shirts or blouses and belt.
  5. Solid white socks—(ankle or knee high ONLY) – SOCKS MUST BE VISIBLE AT THE ANKLE.
  6. Dress shoes, black – (rubber soles recommended) Tennis Shoes are allowed as long as they are completely black.
  7. Cardigan or pull over sweaters – solid navy blue only (no logos allowed).
  8. No fad haircuts, colored nail polish or tattoos.
  1. Boys: ( Pr-K-3 –Kinder no belt required, 1st – 8th boys belt required)
  1. Pre-K-3 through 3rd grade, light blue knit polo shirt with collar and short sleeves worn inside slacks,

Navy blue, twill pants and belt—(no jeans).  Students may wear navy blue walking shorts with uniform shirt and belt

  1. 4th  through 8th grade white oxford shirt short or long sleeve with navy blue tie and navy blue twill pants
  2. navy blue uniform cardigan or pull over sweater – solid navy blue ( no logos allowed)
  3. White socks or navy blue socks-(ankle or crew ONLY) – SOCKS MUST BE VISIBLE AT THE ANKLE.
  4. Dress shoes, black – (rubber soles recommended)  Tennis shoes are allowed as long as they are completely black.
  5. Haircuts should be around the ears above the eyes and should not touch the collar of the shirt.
  6. No Fad haircuts, tattoos or piercing allowed.
  1. Boys and Girls: Half Days Jeans and Walk-a-thon or Race for Grace T-shirt.

Winter Attire: Solid color navy blue long pants, sweatshirts and sweatpants, black winter boots are allowed during the months of November through March.           Revised November 18, 2015

  All jackets for boys and girls must be blue or black but no logos are allowed unless it is the school logo or student name. Any student with any kind of logo ( Abercrombie & Fitch ,Hollister etc…) logo will be covered for the remainder of the day. Second warning, parents will be notified, and student will not be allowed in the classroom. 



The uniform should be worn every day by all students unless otherwise authorized by the principal.   When the dress code is modified for special school occasions or rewards a written note will be sent home with the student.  MAKE-UP is not allowed with the school uniform, which includes nail polish. Girls may wear stud earrings.  Parents will be notified if a student continues to violate the dress code.  Students not wearing complete uniforms may be issued detention.  Hairstyles for girls must be off the face. Hair may not be bleached, dyed or colored. Bows and ribbons should match the colors of the uniform. Hairstyles for boys should be clean-cut and not touching the collar of the shirt with no fad haircuts.  Additionally students are not permitted to have piercings or tattoos.





All uniform items are purchased through Parker School Uniforms.  To order from Parker Uniform, see the following:


Parker School Uniforms

(210) 530-0087

(800) 754-9494

Fax: (210) 530-0091

2108 NW Military Hwy.

San Antonio, Texas 78213


Our Lady of Refuge School Web ID Code: SA080216






OLOR lost and found box is located in back room of school.  It is the responsibility of the parent to come to school and look for the child’s lost item.  After a week in the lost and found box items will be given to OLOR Catholic Church

                                                                                                                   Update 8/8/2016


Emergency Information Card is completed for each child at the time of registration. It is the obligation of the parents/guardians to keep the data on emergency cards up to date.  Please notify the office of any change of telephone number or address, this information should be shared with the school health coordinator, as soon as possible.


 After School


Students not picked up by 3:15 will be charged $5.00 per hour and will be picked up in the front office.


Extra-Curricular Activities:


Students participating in sports, chorus, Student Council or any other school related activity are expected to maintain no grade below a 70%.  Practices for these activities are conducted outside of the regular scheduled class periods.



Field Trips:
On all school sponsored trips:

  1. Teachers shall be in charge and in control of the event.
  2. No student may make a school trip without the diocesan liability form signed by parents.
  3. Transportation shall be provided or approved by school authorities.
  4. Disciplinary school infractions and or rules set down by the teacher or school may become the basis for excluding students from the trip and or future trips.
  5. All field trips are scheduled through the principal’s office.
  6. All Diocese of Laredo procedures will be followed regarding Safe Environment Regulations.
  7. OLOR parents that may decide to organize a class trip independently from the school may do so. However, the school releases itself from all responsibility. The students may NOT wear OLOR shirts and or share any written communication regarding trip using school logo.                                                                                                 Updated 8/8/2016


Fire Drills:
Fire drills are held in accordance with the suggestions of the local Fire Department and in cooperation with the state organization for fire prevention. The drills are precautionary measures for the safety of the students and to allow them to learn the proper safety procedures and adhere to all safety guidelines.                                                                                 
Grading Policy:

Grading, Grading Period and Report Cards:

All schools are on a quarterly (nine weeks) grading period schedule.

Numerical grades are used from first grade through grade twelve.


The following grading key is used for 3K, 4K, 5K.
S         = Satisfactory Progress
P         = Progress

NI       = Needs Improvement

For grades 1 through 8, the following evaluation keys are used:

90 –- 100  – A

80 –   89   – B

75 –   79   – C
70 –-  74   – D

0    –  69   – F


Conduct grades are indicated in the following manner.
E  = Excellent
S  = Satisfactory
I   = improvement needed
U  = Unsatisfactory


Academic Honor Roll is defined in the following manner:

  1. A in all subjects (90% to 100%)
  2. A in all subject areas + (1B)
  3. Religion is considered one of the “core” subject areas and as such students must have

    an A or B in this subject for Honor Roll Recognition.


Updated October 22, 2012













A health record for each child enrolled in OLOR School must be kept up-to-date. All pertinent information, including immunizations, is checked periodically.  Vision and hearing tests are administered in the school each year to all students. These are screening tests, and children are referred to their own physicians if any abnormalities are noticed.  Scoliosis examinations are administered in grades 5 through 8.  When children get “boosters” the information should be given to the school so that health records can be kept up-to-date.

In case a student gets ill in school, the office will notify the parent or guardian and make arrangements for the child’s early dismissal. When a parent cannot be contacted, persons who are listed on the child’s emergency card will be contacted. Parents should not send sick children to school.

Students must be up to date with their immunizations before entering school in order to comply with the health regulations of Maverick County and state of Texas health departments.

Homework Requests:

When your child is absent from school and needs his/her homework assignment, please telephone the school office in the morning.  The teacher(s) will be notified and will send any assignments to the office.  The appropriate books will be sent home, if necessary.  Homework assignment can be picked up in the office at the end of the school day or sent home with another child, if requested.

Inclement Weather:

When severe weather causes hazardous conditions, the regular school schedule may be suspended to ensure students’ safety.  It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to monitor news reports via the radio stations in Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras and the school web page.

Instructional Program:

The curriculum includes the following subjects: religion, language arts, reading, spelling, science, social studies, computer literacy, physical education, health, mathematics.

Homework is an essential part of the learning process and is needed for review and reinforcement of what has been taught. Homework helps students retain what they have learned, helps parents become directly involved in their children’s education, and builds self-discipline and organizational skills.

The following is a guide for the average amount of time usually spent each day on homework by grade level:
Grade 1                       30 minutes
Grade 2                       30-40 minutes
Grade 3                       40-50 minutes
Grades 4 and 5            60 minutes
Grades 6, 7 and 8        60 minutes
The following are some hints for effective use of homework time:


  1. Set a time and a place to study.
  2. Do the most difficult assignments first.
  3. Concentrate on what you are doing. Avoid distractions.
  4. Read carefully and try to remember what you have read.
  5. Remember that television/telephone and study do not go together.
  6. Don’t wait until the night before a test to start studying.
  7. Have a schedule out of which you will work.
  8. Remember that homework does not always consist of written assignments. You may have to memorize something, read or study for tests.
  9. Be sure to ask the teacher for an explanation if you do not understand you assignment.
  10. Do not copy your homework or have others do it for you.
  11. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  12. When you are absent from school, check with your teacher regarding make up work.
  13. Develop the habit of reviewing even though you may not have a specific assignmen

It is the responsibility of the student and parent to log onto Engrade to ensure that the child has no missing assignments or incomplete work.


INTERNET and related technologies by all students is set forth below. Access privileges may be revoked, school disciplinary action taken, and / or appropriate legal action taken for any violations that are unethical and may constitute a criminal offense.

INTERNET Terms, Conditions and Regulations:

Acceptable Use: The use of INTERNET and related technologies must be in support of education and research and consistent with the educational objectives of the school. Use of other organizations’ networks or computing resources must comply with the rules appropriate for those networks.

Unacceptable Use: Transmitting of any material in violation of any Federal or State regulations is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: copyrighted materials, threatening, violent or obscene material, or material protected by trade secret. Use for commercial activities is not acceptable. Use for product advertisement, political lobbying, game playing, unauthorized “chat”, or chain letter communication is also prohibited. Other examples of unaccepted information are: pornography, information on bombs, inappropriate language and communications, flame letter, etc. Acts of vandalism are prohibited. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another use or to damage hardware or software. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses. Unauthorized use of another’s computer, access accounts, and / or files is prohibited. Students may not send or receive personal e-mails on OLOR computers.

Privileges: use of the INTERNET and related technologies is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use may result in cancellation of those privileges. Each user who is provided access to INTERNET and related technologies will participate in a discussion with assigned staff person(s) concerning the proper use of the network. The faculty, staff or parent / guardian may request the administrator or designee to deny, revoke, or suspend a specific user’s access to the INTERNET and related technologies due to unacceptable use.

 Warranties: The educational programs governed by the school make no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing and will not be responsible for any damages user suffers. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, miss-deliveries, or service interruption. Use of any information obtained via the INTERNET and related technologies are at the user’s own risk. The student or parent / guardian will be responsible for any financial obligation incurred through the use of the INTERNET and related technologies that is not previously approved as part of the school budget.



The library is a very important support element to the total instructional program. All classes have a regularly scheduled period in the library each week. In order to ensure the best service from the library, the following rules must be observed.


  1. The library is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  2. All books or magazines taken from the library must be checked out at the librarian’s desk.
  3. If a library book is lost or damaged, the replacement cost must be paid.
  4. A student may be refused books from the library if he/she fails to return overdue books.


Make-up work/Late work: 


It is the responsibility of the parent and student to contact the teacher regarding missed assignments due to absences.




Our Lady of Refuge School personnel are prohibited from providing or dispensing any medication such as cough syrup, aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, etc., by the school to the student. Only medication prescribed by a licensed physician or dentist and dispensed by a registered pharmacist will be administered during school hours by authorized school personnel. Each student’s medication must be in a properly labeled container with the following information:


  • Student name, physician/dentist name, date, name of medication
  • Dosage, directions for administration, duration medication is to be given


Only properly labeled medication will be administered, when it is accompanied by a signed permission form from the parent or legal guardian. As of May 2001, if directed by a physician, a student may be allowed to carry and self-administer inhaler medication. Permission verification is kept in office.




Office Hours:

Office hours are from 7:45 am until 4:00 pm.  In rare cases when parents need to come before 7:45 am or after 4:00 pm, please call the school office to arrange for an alternate time to settle school matters.


Parent Responsibilities:

The parents share with the teachers the obligation to provide for the student’s moral, intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth. They are committed to serve as models of Faith and Christian life for their children and to cooperate and communicate with the administration and faculty so that they may grow in faith through all they do.


Parents / Guardians have the responsibility to:

  1. Ensure that their child complies with school policies, rules and regulations.
  2. Assist their child to attend school well-groomed and in accordance with the uniform policy.
  3. Communicate regularly with the school concerning their child’s academic progress and conduct.
  4. Attend PTO meetings, parent teacher conferences and other activities in which their child is involved.  Cooperate with and participate in the PTO activities.
  5. Cooperate with and support the teachers and school staff in their efforts to maintain quality Catholic education.
  6. Discuss homework assignments, progress reports and report cards with their child.
  7. Maintain up-to-date home, work and emergency telephone numbers in the school office.
  8. Provide a proper study environment for their child.
  9. Read and respond (sign weekly envelope) to the weekly bulletins sent home.
  10. Ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time.
  11. Cooperate with the school in assisting their child to respect authority and to grow into a self-disciplined, mature and responsible individual.
  12. Pay tuition on time.
  13. Support any Extra Curricular activities.
  14. Volunteer to be an involved parent at Our Lady of Refuge School.


Parents that do not cooperate with the policies and regulations of Our Lady of Refuge School will not be permitted to have their children enrolled at Our Lady of Refuge School.   


Parent-Teacher Club:

The parents of all students attending OLOR, pay PTO dues and help out in school related projects when requested to do so. All parents are expected to do their fair share and to create an organization whose primary purpose is to build and maintain good home and school relationships, to foster unity between home and school, and to contribute to the growth of the school for the sake of their children enrolled here.  Elections of officers will occur every three years during the month of May.


Probation Status and Disciplinary Contracts:

All new students are automatically placed on probation for the first year of enrollment in Our Lady of Refuge School.  Each student’s academic and behavior performance is monitored quarter by quarter.  If concerns are apparent then parents will be informed.  Habitual disciplinary students may be placed on academic or behavior contracts if there is a need to monitor a student more closely.

Redress Procedures:
Students, Parents, Parent Organizations and Employees:

Our Lady of Refuge Catholic School wishes to provide an opportunity for individuals to be heard. The administration of this school shall establish and maintain procedures through which parents and students may seek redress from a policy, regulation or decision that is perceived to work hardship on an individual or a group. Student grievances will be presented by students in the presence of their parents or legal guardians. The primary aim of this procedure is to set forth a guide to establish procedures for any grievance; that is, to provide fair notice and fair hearing of the matter.


Grievances may be heard from individuals, parents and parent organizations, but in all cases the opportunity to be heard shall be forfeited if the procedures outlined below are not followed precisely. As used in this procedure, a “grievance” shall mean a complaint regarding any action taken by a teacher or administrator toward a student in the enforcement of discipline, policies and/or regulations; or a complaint by an employee regarding discharge, discipline or working conditions.



Grievance Procedure:

Prior to the initiation of a formal grievance procedure, parents who seek redress for their child(ren) in matters of policy, regulation, or discipline must first confer directly (either face to face or by telephone), with the teacher, staff member, or administrator complained against for resolution of the situation.


If there is not a satisfactory resolution of the complaint, the following are the steps in the formal grievance procedure:


The Grievance Procedure is as follows:

  1. The initial complaint should always be made to the person immediately in charge; that is, the teacher, playground supervisor, cafeteria person, etc.
  2. If further appeal is necessary, the student/parent should appeal to the principal.
  3. If the aggrieved party is still not satisfied, the matter is taken up with pastor.
  4. If further appeal is still necessary, the matter is taken up with the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.


Religious Instruction:
Religious Instruction is mandatory. The primary reason for the existence of a Catholic school is to imbue the children with a Christian spirit. Teachers are expected to give special attention to the preparation and presentation of the religion class. Formal religious instruction is scheduled for a specific time each day.

Mass/School Liturgies: Teachers accompany their classes to Mass on Fridays. Teachers and children worshiping together should be the highlight of the school Mass. It is understood that proper preparations are made for prayerful participation in the Eucharistic Celebration.  Mass preparation is done in the religion classes and the 30 minutes before Mass begins in church.  All students in grades Kindergarten through grade 8 attend Mass together, as a student body every Friday. Mas begins at 8:00 a.m.

Children’s liturgies are a vital part of school life. Primary, intermediate and upper grades rotate in taking turns to prepare for and assist at these liturgies. Parents are invited and encouraged to be present to pray with their children and to teach the importance of the Mass by their presence there.   All school Masses start at 8:00 a.m. and are announced on school calendars and parents are asked to drop off their children at the church on those days by 7:45 a.m. for Mass preparation in church. Parents are needed to volunteer to transport children back to school after mass. Students are NOT ALLOWED to walk back to school following weekly mass or returning from any school function.  Any student(s) who disregard this policy will be immediately suspended and receive a disciplinary citation to be signed by parents and placed in student’s permanent record.  This infraction will also be a consideration for student’s not attending school parties, field trips or other school functions/events. Students who are absent for Mass will be marked as absent for the entire day, especially before/on School Holidays

Our sacramental program includes First Penance and First Communion. Opportunities for all grades to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation are normally provided at least twice during the school year.



For the safety of all students all gates are closed and locked by 8:00 am.  The gate at the main entrance of the school remains unlocked throughout the day.  Gates are unlocked by 3:00 pm each day.  The dismissal bell rings at 3:00 pm and all teachers are on duty at the front and back of the building until 3:15 pm. During early dismissal day (12:00 noon) teachers are on duty until 12:15 p.m.


School as Weapon Free Zone:

Our Lady of Refuge School must follow the Weapon Free Zone regulations as stated in the Texas State Law. It is a crime for any person, student or non-student, to carry a firearm or any type of dangerous weapon within 1,000 feet of school property, onto a school campus or bus, or at school sponsored athletic, social, or extracurricular activities. The person who does this should be immediately reported to the police. The Principal should notify the parents of any student who is arrested for violation of this statute.


Any student who disobeys this law may be subject to immediate expulsion.

Any employee who disobeys this law will be subject to immediate termination of employment.


School Day:

The school day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. for the students. There is a thirty minute scheduled lunch period for all students. Class schedules are planned according to the time allotments specified by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department.  For the convenience of parents the office and business office is open from 7:45 am to 4:00 pm.


School Lunch Program:

School lunch menus are prepared by the month and will be available for review in the school web page.


Student Insurance:

A minimum cost student-group insurance policy is offered at the beginning of each school year. Student insurance is provided for the student’s benefit; the school acts as a service only. The school receives no proceeds from this service and is not responsible for claims. Claim forms may be obtained in the school office.

Student Records and Reports:

Permanent and cumulative records are kept on file in the office. The information contained in these reports is confidential and should be discussed only with parents and qualified personnel. Teachers may have access to the records of their class at any time. However, they are never to be taken from the office area of the school. The cumulative file contains a copy of the child’s report card, all testing results and other confidential information on the child. Each teacher is responsible for accurate and professional recording of data.  Parents are asked to allow the school registrar two days when requesting duplicate copies of report cards or Transfer Documents (Documento De Transferencia).



Non-Custodial Parents:

The school abides by the provisions of the Buckley Amendment with respect to the rights of non-custodial parents. In the absence of a court order to the contrary, the school will provide the non-custodial parent with access to the academic records and to other school-related information regarding the child. If there is a court order specifying that there is to be no information given, it is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school with an official copy of the court order.


Substance Abuse Policy:
No student shall possess, use or attempt to possess, use, or be under the influence of any of the following substances on school premises during any school term or off school premises at school-related activities, functions, or events:


  1. Any controlled substance or dangerous drug as defined by law, including, but not limited to, marijuana, any narcotic drug, hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant, amphetamine, or barbiturate.
  2. Alcohol or any alcoholic beverage.
  3. Any abusable glue, aerosol paint, or any other volatile chemical substance for inhalation.
  4. Any other intoxicant, or mood-changing, minds altering, or behavior altering drug.
  5. Definitions: “Use” means a student has smoked, ingested, injected, imbibed, inhaled, drunk, or otherwise taken internally a prohibited substance recently enough that it is detectable by the student’s physical appearance, actions, breath and speech.
  6. “Under the Influence” means a student’s faculties are noticeably impaired, but the student need not to be legally intoxicated. Students who violate this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion. Lockers, desks, and other personal property may be searched by administrators for alcohol, drugs, and other controlled substances.
  7. The transmittal, sale, or attempt sale of what is represented to be any of the above listed substances is also prohibited under this policy. Students involved in such actions shall be expelled from school.




A student who uses, in the manner prescribed, a drug authorized by a licensed physician through a prescription specifically for the student’s use shall not be considered to have violated this policy. Any prescribed medicine must be administered by authorized school personnel.  Prescribed medicine must be kept in the health room of the school and not carried with the student.


Teacher-Student Problems:


Any situation involving a faculty member and a student which causes parental concern should first be discussed with the respective faculty member. This procedure should be followed.

  1. Make an appointment for a conference with the faculty member involved and discuss the situation.
  2. Make an appointment with the principal if a satisfactory solution cannot be reached with the faculty member.



The school office phone is to be used only in case of emergency. All necessary permissions and arrangements should be made before the child leaves home in the morning.





Students are strictly prohibited from bringing cellphones to school.  Any and all cellphones are confiscated by school personnel will be returned after a weeks time. In case of special needs for a cell phone arrangements must be made with the school principal and classroom teacher.


Students may not bring electronic games to school.




The school provides standardized testing for general achievement and scholastic ability.  All students in grades K-5 through grade 8 take the total battery of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), according to the schedule set up by the Diocesan Catholic Schools Office.


Transportation Policy:


It is unsafe and also illegal in Texas to transport students in open back trucks. Diocesan policies regarding licensed drivers / insurance coverage are followed regarding field trip transportation.

Refer to sections on safety, arrival and dismissal and attendance for further information


Volunteer Service Suggestions:


We need and appreciate parents, grandparents or other relatives helping the school in any or all of the following ways.


  1. Serving lunch
  2. Library assistance in shelving books, typing cards, reading to children, helping with book fairs, repairing library books
  3. Playground supervisors to help the teachers supervise the children during noon recess or before and after school on Washington Street and Commercial Street.
  4. Classroom volunteers to help teachers during classroom parties or in other ways specified by the teachers
  5. Clerical volunteers to help in the office with typing or other clerical work specified by the secretary
  6. Helping the P.T.O. by serving on various committees.
  7. Tutorial volunteers to help individual students or small groups in ways specified by each teacher
  8. Plant management volunteers willing to come on Saturdays for projects which will improve the safety and appearance of the school
  9. Sharing special talents, such as music, art, gardening, sports, etc., with children on school days.
  10. Transporting children to and from OLOR Church on Friday to Washington Street.
  11. Providing transportation and supervision at extra-curricular athletic events.



Your presence in the school, helping in any of the above ways, strengthens school and home relationships, making you more a part of the school community. Also, it is very good for your children to see you helping out in school.

Our Lady of Refuge School follows the Diocese of Laredo policy regarding pregnancy, abortion, marriage and co-habitation.

For the safety of our students, signs are posted indicating our grounds are private property. Signs are also posted indicating outside doors and gates should be kept closed.




While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this handbook, Our Lady of Refuge School reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice.






All visitors must report to the school office and sign in to receive a visitor’s badge.  In the case of ex-alumni or former employees visiting campus prior permission must be obtained by the administrator.




Copies or School Seal:


Letters ………………………$5.00


Service Record  ……………$10.00


Report Cards  ………………$10.00


































577 Washington St.

Eagle Pass, TX 78852

(830) 773-3531   Fax (830) 773-7310






OUR LADY of REFUGE SCHOOL will photograph or video tape students for a variety of reasons and or events. Before allowing your child to be photographed or videotaped, we need to have your permission.  I’m sure your child will like to see his/her picture or video.

The following are events in which your child may be photographed or videotaped.


*school play

*sports events

*award ceremony

*classroom participation

*pupil interview






Katrina Harper



____ I give my permission to have my child__________________________ to be photographed or videotaped.

____ I do not give my permission for my child ________________________ to be photographed or videotaped.



Parent’s Signature









Student/Parent Handbook Agreement Response


I, __________________________________, do hereby certify that I have read and/or discussed with my parents the Our Lady of Refuge School handbook, and hereby agree to abide by, support and be governed by the philosophy, principles, rules and regulations enunciated therein.


I recognize that my conduct both on and off campus and at all times while I am attending Our Lady of Refuge School must be in a manner consistent with the philosophy, principles, rules and regulations stated therein.


I further acknowledge and accept that Our Lady of Refuge School may suspend, expel, or terminate my enrollment and/or impose any appropriate sanction that Our Lady of Refuge School so desires against me because of my failure to adhere to and abide by the philosophy, principles, rules and regulations of Our Lady of Refuge School.


_____________________________________                                  ______________

Student’s Signature                                                                Date (by August 19, 2016)

Parent/Guardian Agreement Response


I/We ___________________________________ and _______________________________, the


Parent/guardian(s) of ______________________________, an Our Lady of Refuge Student, do hereby


certify that I/we have read the Our Lady of Refuge School Parent-Student Handbook and agree to abide by, support, and be governed by the philosophy, principles, rules and regulations enunciated herein.  I/We pledge our support as parent(s)/guardian(s), and will fulfill my/our obligations and responsibilities to Our Lady of Refuge School.  I/We shall endeavor to participate actively in the spiritual, academic, and social functions of the school as scheduled in the school’s monthly calendar of events and by other special announcements and communications.


I/We recognize that our daughter/son/ward must conduct her/himself both on and off campus and at all times while attending Our Lady of Refuge School in a manner consistent with the philosophy, principles, rules and regulations of the school.


I/We further acknowledge and accept that Our Lady of Refuge School may suspend, expel, or terminate my child’s/ward’s enrollment and/or impose any appropriate sanction that Our Lady of Refuge School so desires against  Our Lady of Refuge School.


Further, I/We grant permission to have the name of our daughter/son/ward published in the event of

exemplary academic, athletic accomplishments, and/or as the administration deems necessary.


____________________________                            ____________________________

Parent/Guardian                                                          Parent/Guardian


____________________________                            ____________________________

Date                                                                               Date


Please sign this sheet and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher by Aug. 25, 2017.




Mission Statement 3
OLOR Fundraiser/Events 4
Admission Requirements                                            5 4/5
Registration / Tuition/

Tuition Assistance/Grants                                    



Academic Performance and Presidential Awards 7
Academic Probation & Academic Tutoring

School Hours

Arrival  / Early Check out 7
Dismissal / Attendance & Attendance Records  8
Attendance Policy / Books / Buildings  9
First Communion 9
Change of Address and / or Telephone Number / Emergency Cards 9
Class Parties 9
Communication 9/10
Copyright / Discipline / Vandalism 10
Rules and Expectations                                                                                         11
Detention and Expulsion Harassment- Free 11/12
Bullying 13
Dress Code 14
Lost and Found / Emergency Cards / Afterschool / Extra-Curricular Activities 15
Field Trips 15
Fire Drills 15
Grading Policy         16
Health & Homework Requests & Inclement Weather / Instructional Program /Homework 17
INTERNET Terms, Conditions, Regulations 18
Internet unacceptable use / Privleges 18
Library 18
Make-up Work


Office Hours & Parent Responsibilities 19
Parent-Teacher Club 19
Probation 19
Redress Procedures         19
Grievance Procedure 20
Religious Instruction & Mass 20
School Liturgies / Sacraments / Safety 20
School as Weapon Free Zone         20
School Day        21
School Lunch Program        21
Student Insurance        21
Student Records and Reports &

 Non-Custodial Parents

Substance Abuse Policy        21
Teacher-Student Problems 22
Telephone 22
Testing         22
Transportation Policy       22
Volunteer Services Suggestions 22

Copies and Seal

Permission for Photograph & Video        24
Student Handbook Agreement        25